Hankook wine

made in KOREA


  • June
    On 15th of June : The company foundation


  • From May to June
    Vincoree Launch (Red, White, Rose, Ice Wine)
  • October
    Recognized for its Good Product Design (by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion)
  • November
    Named as Good Agricultural Product in Yeongcheon
    March : Farm household type winery commissioned education implementation. (14 farmhouse)


  • August
    – Gyeongju Culture EXPO’s official toast drink ( Ice Wine )
    – The official dinner wine served to VIP guests at the World Athletics Championship in Daegu (Red Wine, Rose Wine)
  • September
    Part of the gift package handed out during the 19th session of the UN World Tourism Organization General Assembly ( Ice Wine )
  • October
    Selected as one of the Armed Forces Welfare items ( Ice Wine )
  • November
    Wine Gallery Completion ( Land 661㎡, Basement 99㎡, Ground 99㎡ )
  • December
    Selected as the fusion type medium-sized businesses of Farmers, Manufacturers and Tradesman Federation


  • March
    고경 농장 조성(양조용 포도 15종 시범 재배)
  • April
    Join in India Market Exploitation Team, 2009


  • June
    Industry-Academic cooperation technology/development business – Peach Wine development


  • January
    Mulberry Wine Launch
  • May
    The 7th World Water Forum Kick-Off meeting’s official drink (Mulberry Wine)
  • June
    Dongdaegu Station Standing Point (Mulberry Wine)
  • December
    Medium-sized enterprise fusion/integration business – Cryo mulberry wine development


  • March
    Award a scholarship to Yeongcheon City
  • October
    Technology/Development supporting business for Bio medium-sized enterprise in Kyoungbuk area – Oriental melon Wine development


  • Yongsan Station standing point