Hankook wine
made in KOREA

“VINCOREE” I feel the power of the brand itself.

I made wine for 30 years. This is the name that created 10 years ago when I made a decision to put my name in wine business.
I have put a lot of work into making brand and design. It was minimum courtesy for wine. The taste and design of wine should be dignified, just like there is etiquette when people drinking wine.

What is one to make wine?

Tasting from one spoon, will become a custom taste of family life. Whereas wine is made in just once a year. However, we may have to wait three years, five years or 30 years for tasting. When savoring wine, You must try at least 3 times of tasting to figure the original taste out. That means we taste wine with mouth, flavor and heart. So, it is not easy things.

The final goal of Hankook wine co.,Ltd.

I will make a wine that represents Korea. And I will make a wine that suit Korean’s taste. We are on journey of making of that wine. I can not know where is the final destination of journey. Everyone has different tastes. But I will go own way for finding the tastes of Koreans and goes well with Korean food.

About plan of new wine development.

Yeongcheon is the city of fruit. They are producing many fruit range from grapes (No.1 domestic production), peaches, plums to apples and so on. In France, They produce more than 4,000 types of grapes. They mix these grapes, then making a taste of wine. So, we are tying to make the wine from other fruit or mixture of various fruits.

The way to respond imported inexpensive wine

The way is making the luxury wine. We should differentiate our wine from the competition by its high quality. We will respond with high-quality and various fruit flavors produced in Yeongcheon.
We purchased vineyard next to a factory. Furthermore, we are seeking ways to make people can visit there and experience how to make wine with grapes by picking it on their own. We will make consumers to be familiar with the wine.

What is wine for you?

“There is a truth in wine” is my most favorite thing.

Wine is my life. I would like to make the wine from the bottom of my heart. Wine is patience and waiting itself. If just follow the money, the life will be arid. We should go with the stream of people. Yeongcheon is promoting an extensive wine business. The greater part of Yeongcheon is vineyards and there will be prominent city with wine. Wine is my life and Yeongcheon will be wine in itself. That is my dream.

Someone who looks like a wine – Hankook wine co.,Ltd chairman Ha hyung tae